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Onze Ambitie

BrightMinds gelooft in de kracht van ondernemerschap en innovatie. Daarom willen wij professionals verbinden met een ondernemende geest, want samen sta je sterker. BrightMinds is een initiatief dat het makkelijker maakt voor organisaties om te innoveren, veranderen en resultaten te bereiken.

Daarbij richt BrightMinds zich op een braingain in het Caribisch gebied. Enerzijds door young professionals te stimuleren terug te komen. Anderzijds door de kennis die aanwezig is te versterken en beter te benutten. Continue zoeken wij samenwerking met partners om deze ambitie in de praktijk te realiseren.

My curiosity combined with the will to think differently constantly brings me new challenges. Full energy and ambition I work to make a difference in innovative projects. With enthusiasm, a great sense of responsibility and always time for a good laugh I aim to achieve social impact in collaboration with others.

I was never able to only choose one path in my professional career. I started my career within a consultancy company, and decided after a few months to become an entrepreneur within that concept. I worked within diverse sectors like international cooperation, health care, communication, events; gave trainings to students and professionals; developed my leadership skills while coaching and building a team as an entrepreneur; and I learned all the important aspects of being an entrepreneur like networking, acquisition, recruitment, negotiating and persuasive communication.

Curious about the consistency in all these activities? Everything is focused on development: development of social themes, professional development and personal development for myself and my surroundings. For me, that’s what entrepreneurship is all about: the will to try new things and never stop learning.

CV Lise Anna

Ever since I can remember I was interested in IT and technological developments. Maybe because I had the opportunity to play with computers starting at a very young age. Therefore, my first study Industrial engineering, had to include technological aspects. This study also introduced me to the term ‘entrepreneur’, and it got me excited. Thus, I started my first job in sales at a technological company Océ Netherlands.

After Océ was acquired by Canon N.V. I became an Account director responsible for optimizing document management systems within large Healthcare organizations. Managing IT projects within large organization sparked my passion for innovation and change management even more, which has led me to my second study, an MBA  with a specialization in Change Management and business model innovation.

My experience in sales, as an Account Director and my studies provided me with the solid base to pursue my own company BrightMinds. At BrightMinds we help organizations increase their productivity using innovative thinking, project management and change management methods. I focus on analyzing, structuring and implementing various changes within organizations, with or without the use of technological aspects.